Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Recalling the last time I heard you 
Clearly through the phone 
Breathing hard
Trembling lungs -half emptied 
But when you said “OK” 
I knew it was a wrap; 
The end of my shining day. 

Recalling the last time I saw you 
Lying on the bed 
Crying inside the coma 
Brain damaged -depending on those machines 
I knew it was a wrap; 
You’re meeting dad. 

Recalling you 
Every day 
Every where 
Every second 
                         In heart. 

01 January 2013 
1130 am – 1200 pm 
KTM KL Sentral-Batu Tiga

 pic was taken on the day after my 24th birthday, 2011

p/s: I tried to record this poem but failed...maybe it wasn't meant to be read out by me, myself.